Workout Review and my Upcoming Biking Adventure

Now that Insanity is over, I decided that I want to do a better job of tracking my workouts. I always try to have a few cardio and a few strength days but I didn’t have too much of a routine. One of my favorite thing about Insanity was that I didn’t have to think… every workout was planned out for me! So I bought a planner at Target this weekend and I hope to start mapping out my workouts. Here’s a summary of last week.


5 mile easy trail run


My first day back at the gym in 2 months! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a complete upper body workout.


BodyPump. I definitely wasn’t feeling the class. There were a lot of newbies and so we had to skip the ab track and the stretching because we ran out of time. I was also unsure of how much weight to use since I hadn’t taken the class in months. Many of the tracks ended up being too easy.


A Crossfit workout I spotted on Tina’s blog

10 rounds of…

10 pushups

10 sit ups

10 mountain climbers

10 air squats

Insanity 30 minute ab workout – I love that it doesn’t include any crunches!


Rest day


47 mile bike ride


Run and strength outdoor workout courtesy of Lindsay.

And now for my big bike adventure announcement…

At the end of April my dad and I are going on a week long bike ride in Northern Spain on El Camino de Santiago!


We booked our tickets for April the 29th… so it’s official! I will fly from Houston to Philly and then we will fly to Madrid together.

El Camino de Santiago is a route through northern Spain that leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Religious pilgrims historically traveled this route to visit the cathedral that houses the remains of the apostle Saint James. Today many modern pilgrims travel the same route, by foot, bicycle, or even donkey! I used mountain bikes and I bought that reading mountain bike reviews from here and they also have covered cheap mountain bikes which you must read and buy from there.


My mom is actually hiking the whole route for 2 months this spring, so we will get to see her while we are there. We are doing a portion of the route that starts in Astorga and ends in Santiago.

I will do another post soon with more details but I just wanted to share my news! This will be the first long vacation I have taken since I went to Alaska in 08 right after graduation. I feel long overdue for 2 glorious weeks in Spain with my dad.

Question: What was your last vacation? Since i started working 3 and a half years ago i have done a few mini vacations. My last vacation was a week in Destin Florida over the summer.