Sunday Food and Fitness

Today was low key and featured my two favorite things… food and fitness.

Let’s start with the food.

For breakfast I tried out Tina’s Oat Bran minus the oats.


It was a delicious switch up from my usual oatmeal. You whisk together flax meal, egg whites, almond milk, vanilla, and mashed banana. Then the whole mixture gets cooked in a pan until it gets a “oatmeal-like” consistency. I topped mine with my favorite of the four Wild Squirrel Nut butters.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed is peanut butter with ground up espresso bean. I love the flavor as well as the gritty crunch. Tina wasn’t lying when she said that this breakfast was quite filling.

Lunch was a leftover mash up salad.


Spinach base topped with cheddar cheese, sweet potato, and hummus mixed with balsamic.

After trips to both Kroger and Target I was able to get every new flavor!


I predict that I will like the passion fruit the best… probably because it is the only 2 % one. The extra creaminess gets me every time. It will take a lot to overtake my favorite strawberry banana Chobani though:)

For dinner, I went out to dinner with Ryan’s family for his mom’s birthday. We went to Monument Inn which specializes in seafood. I ordered the Shrimp Creole, my favorite thing on the menu. It is a bed of rice topped with spicy marinara, shrimp, peppers, and onions. Nothing fancy but the sauce is out of this world. As are the cinnamon buns in the bread basket. Apparently on a busy Saturday they bake over 1000!

Onto fitness… it was another warm one in Houston… it hit 76! The warm weather definitely called for another day of outdoor exercise. It was a bit windy for biking so I opted for a run. Since my legs were a bit sore from my long ride yesterday I didn’t want to do a very intensive run. I remembered a fun workout I found over on Lindsay’s blog and hadn’t done in awhile. This workout was part of Lindsay’s 30 minute Thursday series.

It consists of 5 minutes of running followed by 15 jump lunges, 15 jump squats, and 15 pushups. This sequence is repeated three times. For the next three rounds the exercises change to 10 tricep pushups, 10 elbow to knee planks (each side) and 10 v-ups. At the end I did the following sequence inspired by Insanity:

10 Jumping Jacks

10 high knees

10 butt kicks

10 side to side jumps

10 Heismans

Repeat twice through. Last but not least, 30 seconds of plank walker on each side. I love the variety of this workout and being able to run and workout on the trails near my house is a breath of fresh air after the stuffiness of the gym.

Although it is weird not having cold weather this time of year, it is nice to be able to run outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Hey, I got to see snow in October :)

Question: Do you prefer to work out outdoors or in a gym?